Silicone sealant is fast dry or slow dry good? | SHUODE

September 14, 2022
Silicone sealant is fast dry or slow dry good? | SHUODE

Silicone sealant can be seen everywhere, and you know how to distinguish its quality. The advantages and characteristics of silicone sealant are excellent ultraviolet aging resistance and gas resistance climate aging performance, so it is widely used in various industries, especially in the home decoration industry and the sealing application of doors and Windows. However, the quality, grade and price of silicone sealant on the market are uneven. It is very important to correctly understand silicone sealant.

Silicone sealant curing speed is really the faster the better?
Some users in order to shorten the construction period, will buy fast curing adhesive. This approach is not correct, curing process, crosslinker and polymer reaction process is more complex. If the time is too short, the strength will be affected and it may become brittle. Blindly pursue curing speed, there may be bubbles, so that bubbles can not be eliminated naturally, affect the later effect. In this way, the construction period is shortened, but the quality cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to let the adhesive cure naturally and not to pursue speed too much.
How long can silicone sealant achieve optimal strength?
Silicone sealant curing reaction requires a long curing, can not only do a simple comparison. Normally, after 24 hours, it can reach about 60% strength; After 72 hours, it can reach 75-80% strength; Optimum strength is reached after 7 to 14 days. If a neutral adhesive is used, it will take longer. The curing time is different, and the strength is different. Proceed to the next step according to the specific requirements.

Silicone sealant easy to fall off?

Some users have found that the normally poured silicone sealant has come off. It could have reacted with some material, causing it to fall off. Choose good quality and appropriate adhesives to avoid falling off. Cooperation with strong suppliers, more assured, such as Cosmer, focus on silicone sealant research, provide customized silicone sealant application solutions, widely used, can be applied in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automotive, instruments, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries. In addition to the phenomenon of falling off, once encountered the surface wrinkled phenomenon, explain plasticizer much, or glue layer thin. Reasonable to adjust glue and pouring, do not affect the curing effect.

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