Three kinds of production process of Polyurethane foam Spray

August 31, 2022

Polyurethane foam has a variety of practical roles in our life, such as the gap between baffles and suspended ceilings, the cavitation in the middle of Windows, door frames, walls, the gap between the roof and the chimney, air conditioning holes, rat holes, etc., can be used to repair caulking. Now, with the definition of "environmental protection home furniture" has gradually become well-known, green environmental protection design, green new decorative materials, green furniture and so on also prevail in the market, foam caulk is also listed as an energy saving and environmental protection material.

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The Foaming process of prepolymer method is to make the balck material and white material into the prepolymer,and then add water,metal catalyst,surfactant,preservative and so on in the prepolymer to mis and foam under high speed strring,curing at a certain temperature can be.


The foaming process of semi-prepolymer method is to make a part of polyether polyol (white material) and diisocyanate (black material) in to prepolymer, and then mix another part of  po;yether or polyester polyol and diisoctanate,water,meta,catalyst,surfactant,preservative,etc.,and mix and foam under high speed stirring.


The one-stype foaming process is to mix polyether or poly(white material) adn polyacrylate(black material),water,metal catalyst,surfactant,foaming agent,preservative and other materials together.After mixing at high speed,the abrasive foam is selected and attributed to artificial foaming skills.

The production process of polyurethane foam rubber is mainly divided into two kinds, one is technical foaming, the other is mechanical foaming. Both are old and new, one artificial and one mechanical, which are two distinct representatives in the history of polyurethane foam production. Let's take a look at the different characteristics of these two foaming methods.

1.n the absence of foaming machine, the number of molds and the need for foam products is not large, can choose the method of casting molding. The production rate of foaming labor is low, the utilization rate of materials is low, and many materials are adhered to the container wall. The yield is also lower. The development of new formulas, as well as routine testing and formula debugging of the material system before production, generally need to conduct a small test in the laboratory, that is, to carry out the foaming experiment. In production, this method is only suitable for small-scale site temporary construction, the production of a few unshaped products or the manufacture of some foam samples.

2. Mechanical foaming is a way to make the emulsion, suspension or solution of polymer bubble by intense mechanical mixing. Batch production, large-scale construction, generally choose foaming machine mechanization operation, high efficiency. The mechanized development direction of polyurethane foam is also an important performance of modern social science.


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