How much can 3cm polyurethane foam sealant expand?

November 28, 2022
How much can 3cm polyurethane foam sealant expand?
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Polyurethane foam caulk is a special polyurethane product which is filled with polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst and other components in pressure resistant aerosol tank. The reaction principle is as follows: when the material is ejected from the aerosol tank, the foam-like polyurethane material will rapidly expand and solidify with the air or the moisture in the matrix to form the foam.

  Sealing plugging, filling, fixing, bonding, insulation and sound insulation.


  It is suitable for sealing and plugging of plastic steel, aluminum alloy doors      and Windows, set doors and Windows, walls and waterproofing, gardening      and landscaping.

Pre-foaming foam

Before foaming is rapid expansion and curing, after hitting 80% foaming, can effectively save the amount of glue, there will be no secondary foaming phenomenon, and save the time and cost of workers back to repair the section, so as to avoid the waste of time, manpower and materials caused by the strong expansion force of the traditional formula.

No shrinkage

Polyurethane foam filler products, in the summer temperature is higher than 30 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is higher than 70%, it is easy to shrinkage phenomenon, that is, foam deformation phenomenon, the base material has been bonded bending, resulting in unqualified acceptance, our company after years of research and development of non-shrinkage products, not easy to change in high temperature and humidity environment.

Strong adhesion & Fast curing

When the humidity in the air is 50% and the temperature is 25℃, the curing time of SHUODE pu foam is short.

Shuode foam glue sticks well after ejection.

Large foaming capacity

Shuode polyurethane foam sealant can reach 50L, foaming capacity up to 67 times, the length of the meter can be more than 30 meters, which can greatly save the cost, is a very cost-effective product.

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