Shuode Flame Retardant FR PU Foam Sealant: Enhancing Fire Safety and Sealing Efficiency

January 30, 2024

Title: Shuode Flame Retardant FR PU Foam Sealant: Enhancing Fire Safety and Sealing Efficiency


Shuode Flame Retardant FR PU Foam Sealant is a highly effective product designed to provide fire retardant properties while sealing gaps and cracks in various applications. With its B2 fire rating level, this foam sealant helps slow down the spread of flames and smoke during a fire, contributing to improved fire safety measures. 


1. Fire Retardant Properties: This foam sealant is ideal for use in areas where fire retardant properties are required, providing an additional layer of protection against the spread of fire and smoke.

2. Electrical Wire Sealing: It effectively seals electrical wires running through wall studs, preventing air leakage and potential fire hazards.

3. Airtight and Water-Resistant Seal: The foam creates an airtight and water-resistant seal, reducing energy loss and enhancing the overall energy efficiency of your home or building.

4. Gap and Crack Closure: By filling gaps and cracks, this sealant improves comfort by preventing drafts and air infiltration, ultimately reducing energy consumption.


1. Shake the can well for at least 30 seconds to ensure proper mixing of the components.

2. Install the spray tube or spray gun on the can for easy application.

3. Hold the can upside down and extrude the foam by pressing the bar, directing it into the desired gaps.

4. Fill the gaps partially (1/3 full) since the foam will expand during curing.

5. After use, it is important to clean the valve and the gun with foam cleaner to prevent clogging and ensure proper functionality.

Pointers for Safety:

1. Storage: Do not expose or store the can at temperatures above 45°C, and avoid direct sunlight. Store it in well-ventilated areas.

2. Protective Measures: Uncured foam may irritate the skin and eyes, so wear protective gloves, clothing, and goggles during application. In case of eye contact, wash with cold water and seek medical attention. Clean skin immediately with foam cleaner in case of contact. If the foam cures on the skin, scrub repeatedly with soap and water to remove it. Uncured foam can be easily removed from clothes using foam cleaner.

3. Disposal: Do not pierce or burn the container, even after use. Avoid spraying the foam on naked flames or any incandescent material. Keep the product away from sources of ignition.

4. Child Safety: Keep the foam sealant away from children to prevent any accidental exposure or misuse.

By following these instructions and safety precautions, you can effectively utilize Shuode Flame Retardant FR PU Foam Sealant to enhance fire safety and create airtight, water-resistant seals in your home or building.

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