SHUODE MG PU Foam: The Versatile Solution for Building Applications

January 24, 2024


The Versatile Solution for Building Applications


When it comes to building applications requiring effective filling, sealing, and insulation, SHUODE MG PU Foam stands out as a reliable and high-performance choice. As a one-component, economically-friendly Polyurethane foam, it offers excellent properties and a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

The key features of SHUODE MG PU Foam make it a preferred option for builders and contractors alike. Firstly, its low foam pressure and low expansion characteristics ensure that windows and doors remain unaffected and free from warping or deformation during application. This is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the building components.

Time is of the essence in construction projects, and SHUODE MG PU Foam understands that. With its quick setting formulation, this foam enables efficient work by allowing cutting or trimming in less than 1 hour. This saves valuable time and ensures that construction projects progress smoothly.

Another noteworthy feature of SHUODE MG PU Foam is its closed-cell structure, which prevents the absorption of moisture. This ensures that the foam remains stable and durable over time, providing long-lasting insulation and protection. Its flexibility further adds to its reliability, as it remains crack-free and does not dry out, even in challenging environmental conditions.

The applications of SHUODE MG PU Foam are extensive, covering various areas of construction. It is ideal for installations where fire-retardant properties are required, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. Additionally, it excels in fixing and insulating door and window frames, providing a secure and energy-efficient seal.

Filling and sealing gaps, joints, openings, and cavities is effortless with SHUODE MG PU Foam. Its excellent mounting capabilities make it suitable for connecting insulation materials and roof construction. Furthermore, it serves as a reliable bonding and mounting agent, providing strong adhesion for various components.

The versatility of SHUODE MG PU Foam extends to insulation applications, including electrical outlets and water pipes. Its thermal and acoustical insulation properties contribute to creating a comfortable and energy-efficient living or working environment. Moreover, it finds utility in packaging fragile commodities, offering protection against shaking and pressure.

For effective application, a few simple instructions should be followed. Prior to construction, ensure that the surface is clean and free from dust and greasy dirt. In cases where the humidity is below 50 degrees, spraying a little water on the construction surface helps prevent any adverse effects during the application process.

Controlling the flow rate of the foam is easily achieved through the control panel, allowing for precise usage. Before use, shake the container for 1 minute and connect it to a spray gun or spray pipe. It is recommended to fill the gap halfway with the foam for optimal results.

The curing time of SHUODE MG PU Foam is relatively quick. Surface drying takes approximately 5 minutes, and cutting can be done after 30 minutes. Within 1 hour, the foam will be fully cured, and stability is achieved within 3-5 hours. To protect the foam from UV damage, it is advisable to cut and coat it with materials like cement mortar or coatings.

Storage and shelf life considerations are crucial for any construction material. SHUODE MG PU Foam maintains its quality when stored unopened between temperatures of +5℃ to +25℃, in a cool, shaded, and well-ventilated area. Care should be taken to store the can with the valve pointed upwards to prevent leakage.

Available in 750ml/can and 500ml/can sizes, both in manual and gun types, SHUODE MG PU Foam offers flexibility to cater to different project requirements. The packaging weight can be adjusted upon request, ranging from 350g to 950g.

Safety is a top priority, and proper precautions should be taken when using SHUODE MG PU Foam. Store the product in a dry and cool place with a temperature below 45℃. The container should not be burnt or punctured after use. In case of contact with eyes or skin, immediate rinsing with clean water is necessary. Construction workers should wear work gloves and goggles, maintain distance from ignition sources, and refrain from smoking.

SHUODE MG PU Foam is designed for practicality, efficiency, and reliability in construction applications. Its versatility, ease of use, and impressive performance make it a valuable asset for any building project. With its commitment to quality and safety, SHUODE MG PU Foam offers a solution that meets the demands of the modern construction industry.

In conclusion, SHUODE MG PU Foam is the go-to choice for builders and contractors seeking a high-quality product for various building applications. From filling and sealing to insulation and bonding, this versatile foam delivers exceptional results. With its reliable features, easy application instructions, and emphasis on safety, SHUODE MG PU Foam stands as a trusted companion in construction projects, ensuring durability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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