Onl 2nd-5th April, SHANGHAI SHUODE International Business Department participated in the 2019 Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition (MosBuild).SHUODE has joined hands with the new products to shine at the International Building Materials Exhibition and once again exerted its strength in overseas markets.
Exhibiton Introduction: Russia’s MosBuild exhibition has a long history and has a good influence in Europe and the world. It is hosted by British International Trade and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (ITE), by the Federal Council, the Regional Development Department, the Duma Government, and the Moscow Government. International event jointly organized by the Russian Designers Federation, the Russian Building Federation, the Russian Architectural Engineering Association and the Russian Design Association. According to MosBuild2018 official statistics, Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition (MosBuild) is still the largest and most influential international building materials industry exhibition in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS. This year, the exhibition attracted 65,330 professional audience from all over the world.
As Russia’s largest trade event, MosBuild is the perfect platform for Spark Building to enter the market in Russia and its surrounding areas. Since its inception in 1995, the exhibition has attracted professional buyers from Russia and Eastern Europe every year, and has become the most important channel for national building materials companies to enter Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe.
As a professional PU foam manufacturer in China, SHUODE’s booth has attracted the recognition of old customers, potential customers, distributors and professional visitors from all over the world.
MosBuild is one of our most important exhibitions, because exhibitors and visitors not only come from Moscow, but also from the surrounding Russia, we not only export products to Russia, but also export brand image and service.
At the exhibition site, the team of SHUODE International Business Group received market leaders and many big brand companies, and discussed cooperation with buyers from all over the world. Many customers praised SHUODE product design and brand image, saying that they will arrange time to visit our factory as soon as possible.
In the context of the development of a good Russian exhibition industry market, SHANGHAI SHUODE will also enter the Russian market with a high-spirited attitude, opening up a new era of entering the Eastern European market. In 2019, SHUODE will launch more advantageous products, enhance its comprehensive competitiveness, realize the home improvement experience that the company will bring health and environmental protection to no less than 1 million households every year, and the company’s vision of exceeding 10 billion.

Post time: Apr-18-2019